Kinder to Earth.

The fashion industry is the second largest consumer of water and is responsible for about 10% global carbon emissions, more than all the international flights and maritime shipping combined. Add to that the waste, exploitation of labor force, and microplastic pollution, it’s time to rethink our consumption habits.

Renting reduces waste by promoting the reuse of garments, minimizing the environmental impact associated with manufacturing and disposal. It also conserves valuable resources like water, energy, and raw materials that go into producing new clothes.

Moreover, we actively encourage individuals to utilize our platform for renting out their own outfits, effectively minimizing the influx of new garments into the system. Echoing the sentiment of Theanne Schiros, Assistant Professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology and Research Scientist at Columbia University, we firmly believe that the most valuable clothing item is the one that already exists. We wholeheartedly share this perspective.

At Marigold, we strive to ensure that every aspect of our packaging aligns with our commitment to a greener future. We proudly utilize 100% recycled materials for our boxes and mailers. Our reusable mailers can be used up to 40 times, ensuring a reduced carbon footprint. We go the extra mile by using eco-friendly inks and glue, along with plastic-free tape and make sure that all of the packaging is compostable curbside.