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Why am I being charged a deposit and is it refundable?

At checkout, along with your rental fee, a deposit will be charged. This deposit will be fully refunded upon timely and undamaged return of the product(s). However, please note that the deposit will not be returned in the following cases: if the item is returned late, a late fee of $40 per day will be deducted from the deposit. If the late fee exceeds the deposit amount, you will be charged for the remaining balance. Additionally, damages beyond normal wear and tear (such as irreparable breakage or tearing, nonremovable food and wine stains) or if the item is lost or stolen, the deposit will not be returned. In these instances, you will be invoiced for the retail value of the product (excluding the deposit).

Do I need a membership?

No membership required, ever. 

Do I need to make an account?

Creating an account will save your order history and sizing information, making the reordering process easy. You will also be able to create a wish list that you can share with others. If you are placing your garments for rent on our site, you will have to create an account. 

What if I really liked something and I wanted to buy it?

Our vision is to promote sharing rather than selling. We offer gently worn items on sale from time to time on our site. If there is a specific item you are interested in, please contact us a t hello@marigold.com and we will be happy to assist you. 

Do I need to wash or clean the garments before I wear them?

We take great pride in the fastidious care of our clothing. Each garment undergoes a rigorous cleaning process conducted by our certified trusted partner dry cleaners. Our clothing is thoroughly cleaned , inspected for quality, and carefully steamed and pressed. Our cleaning agents are eco-friendly, non-toxic, and formulated to effectively eliminate viruses and bacteria ensuring that the product reaches you in impeccable condition.

I am getting married soon. Can my wedding guests get a special discount?

Congratulations! We provide concierge service through which we can understand your needs and customize the look  for you or your whole wedding party. We will provide a custom discount code that your guests can use to get special rates. Please contact us at hello@marigold.com

How do you ensure the fit of the garment?

Fit of the garment is important to make sure that it looks amazing.  We have provided a detailed sizing chart that you can use to pick the right size. For custom sizing at no cost to you, we have partnered up with TrueToForm that will allow you to provide us with exact measurements. Once we receive your measurements we will try to customize the fit to your size, however, if we determine that we cannot do so, we will reach out to you within 48 hours and provide you with alternative options.  We will try our best to provide an exact fit based on your measurements. If you are in doubt about sizing, please contact us and we will work with you to figure out the right sizing for you.

What happens if the garment arrives and it doesn’t fit?

There are two reasons why a garment might not fit:

  • We provided a wrong sized garment- If you receive an outfit that is of different size than what you ordered, please contact us within 24 hours of delivery, and we will either send the right size via overnight express, provide you with replacement options or credit your account. In order to receive credit the item must be unworn (based on our discretion) and shipped back to us within 24 hours.
  • You did not provide correct measurements- we will custom fit the garment based on your measurements. If the measurements provided to us are not accurate, we cannot guarantee the fit. In that case, we will not provide any credit or refund.

How much is my shipping cost?

Zero! We offer free shipping for both delivery and returns. In case of last-minute orders which require expedited shipping, an additional fee will be charged.

How does the return process work?

Shipping can be very annoying, so we have made it hassle free. Please place the items back in the box or reusable mailer it came in, put the return prepaid shipping label in the clear window of the mailer or stick it on the outside of the box covering all previous labels. Drop it at any carrier location by 12pm on or before the return date of your order ensuring that the package will be returned to us on time, and get a receipt for it. That’s it, you are done.

I live in Mexico. Do you ship internationally?

Currently, we only ship orders in the US.

How many days am I allowed to keep the item for?

You can keep the items for 7 days hassle free. If you need them for a longer period, please contact us at hello@marigold.com and we can try to accommodate you for an extra charge.

Do I need to dry clean the items before I ship them back?

We have made this process very easy for you. Choose your outfit, enjoy it and then return it hassle free. We take care of dry cleaning.

What if I receive a defective outfit?

We take pride in providing a quality outfit and inspect each outfit before it is shipped. Please inspect your order as soon as you receive it and contact us within 24 hours if the item is defective, damaged or if you receive the wrong item, and we will try to resolve the issue. If we are unable to do so, we will ship an alternative outfit via overnight shipping or refund your account.

What if I need to cancel my order?

You can cancel the order up to one month before the booking date for a full refund. Orders canceled 15 days prior to the booking date will receive full credit that can be used at a later date on our site. No credit or refund will be given to the orders canceled within 15 days of the start of rental period.

What if I need to change my order?

If you need to make changes to your order, please contact us at hello@marigold.com at least two weeks prior to the start of the rental period. Once the order is shipped, we cannot make any changes.

Oops! I damaged an outfit. Now what?

If it’s normal wear and tear, such as minor stains, missing beads, etc, you are covered. In case of major damage, such as stains or rips that are beyond repair, lost or stolen items, etc, please contact us immediately so we can decide the next steps. If the item is irreplaceably damaged, your security deposit will not be returned and you can keep the item.

What do I do if the clothes arrive wrinkled?

Despite our best efforts, a garment might get wrinkled in transit. Please try steaming the garment. Do not iron the garments. If you have any questions, please contact us immediately.

Can I alter the garments I am renting?

Please do not alter the garments in any way. We ensure fit based on the measurements that you provide, so make sure you pick the right size based on our sizing chart or send us your exact measurements.

What is the process for late returns?

Please be mindful and return the items on time, as someone else might have rented it after you and now will be very disappointed. If you are not able to return an item on time, please contact us immediately. A late fee of $40 will be charged every day to your payment method not including the rental fee. We will charge a late fee for a maximum of 4 days, after which we will not refund your security deposit.

Do you allow for returns or refunds?

We usually do not allow returns, however, there are circumstances where we would issue a refund. If we send you a wrong sized garment, the outfit is missing pieces, or the item was damaged during shipping, we will try to get the right outfit or alternative one to you. If we are unable to do so in a timely fashion, we will issue a refund.

To receive a refund, please contact us at hello@marigold.com within 24 hours of receiving it to start the return process. The item has to be mailed back to us within 24 hours in unworn condition.

I need the outfits for more than the 7 days rental period. What should I do?

If the outfit has not been rented out after you, we will be able to extend your rental period for an extra charge. Please contact us at hello@marigold.comfor assistance.

What does the process of renting my outfits on your site look like?

You can put your garments and accessories for rent on our platform for a period of six months. You don’t have to lift a finger!

We will send you a prepaid label so you can ship us your pre approved items free of charge. We will photograph it and put it up. Once an item is rented, we will dry clean it and ship it to the renter. Everytime an item is rented, you earn a commission. At the end of the six month period, you can decide to extend the contract, ask us to sell your item and earn a percentage of the sale price, or we will ship it back to you at no cost to you.

I want to become a lender. What do I need to do?

Fill out the Rent To Us form and provide us with a description of the item including type of clothing, size, retail price, when you bought it, condition, etc. We will set up a virtual appointment after which if approved, we will send you a contract and a prepaid label for you to ship the item to us. We retain the right to refuse accepting the items to put on the site. Marigold will provide rental price and replacement value based on the condition, style, demand and rentability. If the terms are agreeable, we will sign a 6 month contract.

Give me a reason why I should rent out my outfits?

We will give you many reasons! By renting your items, not only will you be able to generate income and free up valuable closet space, but you will also contribute to the well-being of the planet by minimizing the influx of newly manufactured items. Moreover, at the conclusion of this process, you will still have the opportunity to relish the outfit or even sell it if you so desire.

How long do I need to rent my items for?

You will need to entrust your outfit to us for a minimum period of six months. Following this duration, you have several choices available to you. You can opt to extend the contract for an additional six months, request us to handle the sale of the outfit on your behalf, or alternatively, we will gladly return the outfit to you at no cost to you. The decision rests in your hands.

I have listed my item, but now I want to wear it. Can I?

Yes. If the item has not been rented out, you can get it back as long as you pay for shipping both ways and dry cleaning.

Who decides the rental price of each item that I put on site?

Marigold will determine the rental price and replacement value for each item based on style, condition, and demand of an item based on extensive market research and consumer analysis

Do I need to make an account if I want to rent my items?

Yes, you will need to create an account before you can put your items for rent/sale on our platform. We link each item to the owner in our database which is only possible if you have an account.

What happens if an Item I put on rent gets damaged?

If items are damaged or lost, you will receive the replacement value as listed in your contract, and not the rental commission. In addition, the outfit won’t be returned. Please refer to your contract for more details.

When should I expect an order I placed to be delivered?

Orders will arrive on the first day of your rental period cycle. We will try if possible to send it earlier, however, we cannot guarantee it. It is best to pick the starting date of your rental period a day or two earlier than when you need the item.

My order is going to be late due to a carrier delay- now what?

Please pick the rental start date a day or two earlier than your event date to account for such delays. We will try our best to reroute the package, or mail you an alternative outfit via overnight delivery, however, we cannot guarantee that it will be possible in all the cases.

By agreeing to our terms, you acknowledge your responsibility to handle the Products with utmost care. While the Rental Fee accounts for normal wear and tear, any loss, destruction, or damage to the Products, including theft, loss, mysterious disappearance, fire, significant stains, or any other cause, is your liability. "Normal wear and tear" refers to minor stains, rips, missing beads, stuck zippers, or other minor damages covered by the rental coverage. In the event that you return a Product that has sustained damage beyond normal wear and tear, you hereby authorize us (or our third-party payment processor) to charge your Payment Method for the cost of repairing or replacing the Product, as determined at our discretion, up to the original retail or comparable value price for the Product ("Maximum Late Fee").