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We’re bringing authentic glam in a sustainable way

Who we are

Welcome to Marigold,an Indian outfit rental company that is revolutionizing the fashion industry through circular fashion, sustainability, and affordable access to the latest trends, all while minimizing our impact on the planet. At Marigold, we believe that fashion should be enjoyed responsibly, without compromising our planet’s health. Our platform offers a diverse range of high-quality, budget-friendly garments and accessories from top brands, ensuring that everyone can embrace their personal style without the guilt of excessive consumption. Join us in our mission to create a fashion-forward future that is both stylish and sustainable.

Why choose us

  • Latest Fashion Trends and Curated Collection
  • Concierge Service for Large Wedding Parties
  • Free Shipping and Returns
  • Dry Cleaning Assurance
  • No Memberships Required
  • Ensure Perfect Fit
  • Sustainable Packaging

Sourcing the latest fashion and the kindest ingredients.

The Marigold sustainability

At Marigold, sustainability is at the core of our operations. We proudly utilize 100% recycled materials for our boxes and bags, while our reusable carriers ensure a reduced carbon footprint. We go the extra mile by using eco-friendly inks and glue, along with plastic-free tape, to ensure that every aspect of our packaging aligns with our commitment to a greener future.

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