Pre-Wedding Ceremonies: Mehendi
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Pre-Wedding Ceremonies: Mehendi

In the grand scene of Indian wedding traditions, the Mehendi and Sangeet ceremonies shine as joyous celebrations of love, art, and music. These pre-wedding rituals offer fun and colorful preludes to the main event. Understanding the significance of the Mehendi and Sangeet ceremonies provide guidance on what to wear to these lively and vibrant events.

Mehendi Ceremony

The Mehendi ceremony is a tradition where the bride's hands and feet are adorned with intricate henna designs. This artistic process can take hours and serves several purposes:

  • Blessings and Good Luck: Applying henna is believed to bring blessings and good luck to the bride.
  • Healing and Relaxation: The cooling properties of henna provide a sense of calm and relaxation to the bride before the wedding.
  • Love and Bonding: The bride's female relatives and friends often participate, creating a special bonding experience.
  • What to Wear to the Mehendi Ceremony

The Mehendi ceremony is traditionally a more relaxed and intimate event. Here's what to wear:

For Women:

  • Bright Colors: Choose colorful attire, such as a bright saree or a an indowestern outfit. Colors like green, yellow, orange, and pink are popular choices.
  • Comfortable Clothing: Opt for comfortable clothing as 
  • you may need to sit for a while during the application of henna.
  • Minimalistic Jewelry: Keep your jewelry simple. Earrings and bangles are ideal.
  • Footwear: Sandals or open-toe shoes are practical and comfortable.

For Men:

  • Kurta and Churidar: Embrace the festive spirit with a brightly colored kurta and pair it with churidar or comfortable jeans.


The Mehendi provides an opportunity for families to come together and celebrate in a joyous atmosphere. By choosing the right attire in vibrant colors, you can fully immerse yourself in the spirited and festive ambiance of this tradition.